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19 May 2013

LESS Mixin for retina-ready sprites (19 May 2013)

05 Jan 2013

Comparison of Less Frameworks (05 Jan 2013)

19 Jul 2012

Python on Love (19 Jul 2012)

14 May 2012

Dating Tips for Data Analysts (14 May 2012)

14 Feb 2012

Sharing Recipes with Notational Velocity (14 Feb 2012)

18 Jan 2012

Violence (18 Jan 2012)

14 Jan 2012

Using LaTeX like it's 2012 (14 Jan 2012)

31 Dec 2011

Brain Hacks: Retrofitting the Sixth Sense (31 Dec 2011)

21 Nov 2011

Dancing Mouse Mail Notification (21 Nov 2011)

26 Jul 2011

Variations on Milton Glaser (26 Jul 2011)


Hello. My name is Manuel Ebert, I code and design stuff at Hey, Inc. and split my time between Durban, South Africa Birmingham, UK Osnabrück, Germany Barcelona, Spain San Francisco and Berlin. Before that, I worked in a research lab working on the neuroscience of sensory augmentation.

I ♥ open source software and you can find a lot of my stuff on Github. You should also follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. Or do it the old-fashioned way and send me an email at [email protected] (public OpenPGP key: FA39 CA2C E213 D791)